Best Summer Car Care Tips for Warm Weather Driving

Summer is finally right around the corner! While car troubles are often associated with cooler winter weather in other parts of the country, summer heat offers its own array of problems for you and your vehicles. Thankfully, it’s easy to do some basic summer car care to get your vehicle ready for some fun in the sun.

Test battery

The last thing you want on a hot, humid summer day is a breakdown on the side of the road. One of the best ways to make sure you never get yourself in this situation is to test your car’s battery at the beginning of summer. It should hold a good charge and be free of excessive corrosion. If it’s not working properly, it’s best to replace it now before it is too late.

Change coolant mixture

In the summer, it’s all about staying cool. That’s why it’s so important to replace your vehicle’s coolant mixture before the warmest days of the year hit.

Monitor tires

As temperatures change outside, the air in your car’s tires naturally expands and contracts. Often, this leads to under-inflated tires, which, in turn, lead to poor performance on the road. So keep an eye on your vehicle’s tires as the season changes once again.

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