Tips for Driving in the Rain

Whether you are a new driver or an experienced veteran, driving in the rain can feel stressful and challenging. These tips for driving in showers will help you stay relaxed and safe the next time you have to navigate your vehicle and the elements at once.

Turn on the Lights

Whenever it begins to rain, even if it’s just a sprinkle, you should always turn on your car’s headlights. This will improve your ability to see what’s ahead of you, and will also increase your visibility to other drivers around you.

Check the Tires

If you are driving on old tires with poor tread, you are increasing your chances of losing traction in the rain. Take a look at your car’s tires and see that the tread is still deep, and that there is no sign of wear and tear like bulges and cracks.

Slow Down

When the streets are wet, you will need more time to come to accelerate and stop. Wet pavement also means higher chances of hydroplaning. You can mitigate these challenges by slowing down and leaving extra space between yourself and other drivers. Take your time with each maneuver to maintain comfortable control over your vehicle.

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