3 Best Drives in Louisiana

Louisiana is an ecologically and culturally diverse state which can lead to some of the most memorable experiences you’ll find in the USA. Bayous, cotton fields, and Gulf Coast waters come together in the Pelican State to form beautiful scenes; what better way to enjoy what Louisiana has to offer than on a drive with the family? Check out these best drives in Louisiana:

Creole Nature Trail

Spanning 100 miles from Sulphur to Lake Charles, the Creole Nature Trail will take you over the Intracoastal Waterway, swampy flatlands, and farmlands. Alligators and spoonbills can be seen at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge and you can watch the shrimpers haul in their catches along the coast.

False River Route

This drive from Port Allen to New Roads takes you 31 miles features very little traffic as it winds along the levee of the False River. New Roads offers the famous Satterfield’s Riverwalk and Restaurants and many beautiful, historic buildings along Main Street.

Cane River Heritage Trail

This 48-mile from Allen to Cloutierville provides a virtual Civil War history tour and showcases cultures ranging from Native American to African. You will see three Civil War-era plantations which are all open to the public (Oakland Plantation, Melrose Plantation, and Magnolia Plantations) and the city of Natchitoches, whose historic downtown is full of bustling shops and restaurants of all flavors.

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Why You Should Drive Your Chevy to Kisatchie National Forest

Summertime is all about relaxing, making memories, and exploring places you may have never been before. This summer, do all three in one trip. Pack up a tent, sleeping bags, and a cooler in your Chevrolet, and head out on a trip to Kisatchie National Forest in central Louisiana.

Louisiana is known for its unique and mystical landscapes and wildlife. But few people can say they have experienced the great variety of wilderness that our beautiful state has to offer all in one place.

This is what makes Kisatchie National Forest such a gem. It has biking and hiking trails through old growth pine forests, canoeing through secluded bayous and bald cypress swamps, swimming and camping areas, and impressive scenic overlooks all waiting for you and your family or friends to come and explore.

Designated as a National Forest in 1930, Kisatchie protects 604,000 acres of sweeping landscapes and rare habitats. Drive through long-leaf pine savannas up to the 1.5-mile Longleaf Vista Interpretive Trail and scan the trees for the crow-sized pileated woodpecker, likely the largest woodpecker in the world, as well as Louisiana black bears. Camp at Kisatchie Bayou campground, where you can swim in the evening and fall asleep under a sky full of stars.

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Tips for Taking Road Trips with Dogs

If we could be as joyful all the time as a pooch that’s just been told it’s going for a ride, the world would be a much better place. Your dog loves to hop in the car with you, but there’s a big difference between a quick cruise to the dog-park and a days-long, cross-country drive. The endless open road of a long-distance road trip can be as exhausting for your dog as it can be for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a few quick tips for making road trips with dogs simpler and happier for everyone:

The Essential Packing List

You do NOT want to forget these crucial items:

  • Your dog’s normal food (changing up their diet on the road can cause digestive problems)
  • Water bowl
  • Poop bags
  • Extra towels
  • Kennel
  • Your dog’s favorite toys
  • Any medications your dog is taking
  • Collar and leash
  • Updated tags
  • Dog bed and/or blankets

Sit & Stay

Be sure to secure your dog to a seat using a special dog seat-belt. Letting the dog roam the vehicle while driving isn’t just putting your pet in danger, but everyone in your car. When traveling at just 35 MPH, a 60-lb. dog can become a 2,700-lb. projectile in the event of a crash.

Bring a Recent Dog Picture

This shouldn’t be hard to accomplish if you’re the type of person who snaps 20 pictures of their pet a day. Make sure you don’t leave the house without a physical copy of one of those adorable pics. If your beloved pet goes missing on the road, you’ll be able to use this to identify him or her much more quickly.

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