The Student Guide to Car Maintenance

Student Guide To Car Maintenance | Courtesy Automotive | Ruston, LA

When you’re a student, taking care of your vehicle might not seem like a top priority – but it should be. Here, we’ve put together a quick guide to car maintenance that will help you stay o top of your vehicle’s care.

Keep track of your dashboard lights. Your dashboard lights are there for a reason – to let you know when there’s an issue with your vehicle. If your Check Engine light comes on, then you should bring your vehicle into the shop right away. For those lights that you’re not sure about, check your owner’s manual – it should have a guide to what each indicator means.

Check your tires. Your tires are essential to keeping you safe – after all, they’re the only thing between you and the road. Regularly check your tire pressure and make sure that the tread isn’t balding or wearing unevenly.

Don’t forget routine maintenance. Regular oil changes and tire rotations are necessary to keep your car running smoothly. Make sure you take your car in for its oil change on a regular basis, and have all your fluid levels checked while you’re at it.

Clean your car regularly. If dirt builds up over time, corrosion and rust can occur. That’s why it’s important to take your vehicle to the car wash regularly. Also, make sure you clean the inside, too. It will hold up much better over time if you do.

If you think there’s something wrong with your car, or you know it need maintenance, contact the service department at Courtesy Chevy Buick GMC Cadillac.

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